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Subject: Silencing The Christian Voice

Today the word ‘diversity’ has become a banner for those who promote the philosophy of “anything goes.” But what exactly does the word “diversity’ mean? In simple terms it means ‘difference(s)’. Certainly we are aware of the differences is our world: different cultures, different skin colors, different languages, different religions, different beliefs…but are we aware of the path diversity is having our nation travel; a path away from decency, honesty and godly morals. While diversity operates under a blanket of overall acceptance regardless of a person’s differences, this philosophy is taking us away from God!

Since diversity supposedly offers an all-encompassing tolerance toward everybody, why are Christians being left-out? Why doesn’t the philosophy of diversity apply to born-again believers? If diversity is to broaden the scope of American’s patience and understanding toward ALL people regardless of their lifestyles and beliefs, where is the open-mindedness toward Christians? Christians are different too, and according to Scripture that is the way we are supposed to be! “…be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. (Romans 12:2)

So… where is diversity’s equality? Shouldn’t I, an American citizen and a Christian, have both the freedom and the right to stand-up for what I believe? Why should I be forced to accept what is biblically unacceptable, while those who tout diversity freely ridicule God’s Word? Since I strongly stand against lying, stealing, homosexuality, murder, idolatry and everything else the Bible speaks against, why shouldn’t I, along with ever other Christian, be able to voice my beliefs just as freely as those who speak-out against them?

Still, even though the First Amendment allows free exercise of religion, the voice of Christianity is being threatened. When true Christians point-out false teachings solely based on Scripture and not on personal opinion, we are considered troublemakers. When Christians speak-out against worldly and ungodly practices, which contradict God’s Word, we are considered Jesus freaks. If Christians present the Bible’s way of salvation and relate the consequences facing those who deny Jesus Christ as their savior, we are called Bible thumpers. If we mention various false religions by name, we are labeled rebel-rousers. If we explain salvation through the sacrifice and shed blood of Jesus Christ, we are labeled followers of a bloody religion. Shouldn’t believers in Christ have the same right and freedom to claim their differences just as those who support society’s changing attitudes? Where is diversity’s assumed impartiality?

Born-again Christians believe in and accept God’s doctrines with complete sincerity and total faith. His doctrines deal with the sinful condition of the human race, our need for salvation, and how we should and shouldn’t live! Because of our faith, Christians care about others, and for that reason Christians speak-up! Not to be argumentative, but to tell others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (death, burial and resurrection), as well as to warn of the eternal and dire consequences facing the unrepentant. (Luke 13:3,5)

What exactly, then, does ‘diversity’ mean for Christians? Does it mean Christians are to accept whatever comes our way even if it’s different from God’s teachings? Are we to merely shrug our shoulders at a changing America that accepts ungodly living? Are we to keep our mouths shut, and follow the crowds, all in the name of diversity? We can’t; we won’t! Believing in what God’s Word says is not an opinion but a way of life, and the desire, the need, to tell others about the Lord will never change!

Nancy Hamilton

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