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SUBJECT: Election / Politics
Democrat or Republican, It Doesn't Matter

I am proud to be an American, to live in a country where the government was established for the people, and of the people. A country “under God”. At least it once was. So, I ask… what has happened to our great nation, to our government who has promised to serve the people…ALL the people? The following Bible verses, II Timothy 3:1-5, leads us directly to my question’s answer. In these verses we are informed that ‘in the last days (prior to Christ’s return) perilous times shall come. Times when men will love themselves…NOT GOD! Times when men want their will, NOT GOD’S. Still, born-again believers pray “thy (God’s) will be done”. Satan, the ruler of darkness, does NOT want God’s will done, and is evilly determined that mankind will serve him, NOT GOD! Satan, therefore, seized upon the 2016 presidential election as another weapon to use in his powerful spiritual war against God and man!

Donald Trump’s election sent shock-waves through the Democratic Party. Their candidate lost! Utter shock mixed with vile hatred hung heavily in the air and still does. During television coverage of the despicable Kavanaugh hearing, no one could miss the alarming results of the 2016 election. Anger, revenge and ungodliness.

Panicked questions quickly swirled throughout the ‘blue’ party as Donald Trump successfully won the Electoral College by 304-227. How could they continue to effectively promote their liberal thinking? How could they conceal their dishonesty or shroud the truth about their conniving and manipulation against then president-hopeful Donald Trump? How could they continue decimating Christian beliefs through the courts? How could they succeed in eliminating the Second Amendment? How could they change the First Amendment against Christians? How could they abolish the Electoral College? How could they stop the draining of the swamp? One thing they didn’t question was their driving compulsion to derail President Trump’s agenda at every turn, and they are trying!
Those who would vote or did vote for Donald Trump were considered by the ‘blue’ party to be appalling, disgusting, and shameful; ‘deplorables’ if you will. Apparently, many of the ‘deplorables’ didn’t believe Hillary Clinton’s continual lies on many topics, nor her suggestion that ‘religious’ conservatives should be forced to change their beliefs for tax-payer-funded abortion on demand. Frankly, I am not a ‘religious’ conservative. I am a bible-believing, born-again Christian who has unfaltering belief, faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Perhaps Donald Trump’s 304 vote victory came from many ‘deplorables’ like me who took biblical truths into the voting booth.
Sadly, vitriolic loathing for the President, and with payback still coursing through their veins, many politicians on both sides will go to great lengths to ‘stay in the swamp’. As unsubstantiated sexual assault accusations were hurled at Brett Kavanaugh, one of these ‘lengths’ was graphically revealed as many politicians exposed their contempt for conservatives. As for the tenet ‘presumed innocent until proven guilty’, it was maliciously buried under ego, pride, political gain and yes, revenge. Without question, had Brett Kavanaugh been a liberal, especially a ‘blue’ liberal, such a concentrated effort to destroy his reputation, regardless of the accusation(s), would never have occurred. Satan is clearly on the march!

Thankfully we born-again believers can successfully fight against Satan’s spiritual war by vigorously engaging in our own warfare…Biblical warfare. Let’s weaponize God’s Word, our prayers and our testimonies. Yes, ‘combat’ will intensify as Satan’s spiritual warfare continues to escalate. But, Christians, take heart. Ephesians 6:11-18 tells us to “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.”. One day Satan’s war will end, and he’ll become a prisoner forever in the Lake of Fire, and stated with overwhelming concern, so will the unbelieving. (Revelations 20:10/21:18)
Listen! Regardless of your political party, it DOES NOT matter. What DOES matter is being a child of God through faith in Jesus Christ! (John 1:12) Be a warrior for God, not a soldier in Satan’s army!

Nancy Hamilton

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