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SUBJECT: Apostasy

This article is in response to a Viewpoint article printed in my local newspaper. That article’s writer used Judas as an example of born-again Christians who support President Trump. Would someone please explain why NOT accepting liberal thinking is a betrayal of God, whereas adhering to the policies and actions put forth by liberals is seen as religious genius? According to some, we believers are tyrannical against change. Well, if God says it’s wrong to murder, wrong to abort a baby, wrong to live a life of homosexuality, wrong to be involved with fornication, IT IS WRONG! Yet, our government is coming off the rails by ratifying actions that God’s Word totally disavows. So, who is the betrayer?

When Obama was president, he stated that America was not Christian. Were true believers playing the role of Judas by disagreeing? Certainly not! A true ‘Judas’ denies the Gospel of Jesus Christ, while pretending to serve others in order to obtain goals that serve themselves. Liberals betray both Jesus and “we the people ” by upholding ungodly policies, and for what? There are several answers: keeping political power, gaining more control over the American people, and receiving large paychecks. (Wasn’t Judas’ betrayal motivated by money?) Yes, Judas betrayed Jesus while feigning to care for Him. The liberals are doing the exact same thing! The liberals spout ‘love’ by pretending to be sensitive toward a plethora of issues: race, abortion, gun control, homosexuality, censorship of true Christianity, etc.

And, yes, Donald Trump has done and said things that are appalling and scandalous. But, why is there a fund within our government that goes to victims of sexual harassment on the Hill for which we, the tax payers, fund. Since 1997, Congress has paid at least 15 million dollars to settle these cases; cases involving those supposedly governing our great nation. Then there’s Bill Clinton who had numerous affairs and was caught lying about Monica Lewinsky when president. Hillary Clinton lied about Benghazi, lied about her many emails, lied about her foundation. Obviously, the liberals have NO regard for crimes committed within their own ranks. Their only goal is the elimination of Donald Trump by using any means by which to achieve their target: slander, lying, corruption, racial divide. Whenever President Trump stands against abortion, he is admonished. When he supports Israel, he is strongly criticized. When he declares security for our borders, he is condemned. Even those who agreed with certain policies before President Trump was elected, are now fighting those same policies. Liberals fight against President Trump with a spite and hatred that is beyond definition.

Indeed, President Trump may tweet too much, say too much, extol his successes too much, but he cares for our nation! Whether he is a born-again believer, only the Lord knows, but Donald Trump is attempting to put Christian morals back into the fractured backbone of America. It’s no wonder that Franklin Graham, along with other Christian leaders, support our president! Sadly, these men are targeted as questionable in their faith. But why? These men support biblical doctrine and are not attempting to change, compromise or dismiss God’s Word, but the liberals are. So, who’s betraying the Lord? Who are the Judases?

Yes, human beings can be wrong on many counts, but NEVER when believing in God’s divinely inspired Holy Word! NEVER when standing up for Jesus and proclaiming the truth of the Cross! NEVER when explaining His gift of eternal life! “In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began;” (Titus 1:2)

Nancy Hamilton

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