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Subject: America and the 10 Commandments

President Ronald Reagan once said, “I have wondered at times what the Ten Commandments (Exodus 20) would have looked like if Moses had run them through the US Congress.” This statement made me wonder how Moses would fare addressing today’s Congress.

Moses begins to speak.

“Members of Congress, I, Moses am here today to represent God’s Ten Commandments. These laws were given by God to my people, and have remained valid to this day. Regardless of the time frame in which they were given, their importance never changes. Though the Lord’s death, burial and resurrection have erased the severity of these laws, their relevance for teaching righteousness, is unchanging! Woefully, your nation has alarmingly disregarded them! Do not snicker at my words! God is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending. Regardless of one’s egotistical thinking, no person from your president on down, has the authority to rescind or disobey even one word of God. No government has the power to govern its people by bypassing Him. Only God allows the wheels of government to turn, and only He knows the direction in which they should, and will roll.

My people worshiped many gods, and they fell into chaos. Your people once lived in a nation under God. Now, millions question, even deny, God’s very existence, and have fallen prey to false gods such as materialism and pleasure. If, as your president claims, America is no longer a Christian nation, ungodly mayhem will flourish on your shores. (Commandment #1/v.3)

Like swarms of locust, unbelief is spreading across your land, causing vast multitudes to search for something, anything, to satisfy their spiritual emptiness. Millions worship man-made idols, but it’s the Creator not the created that MUST be worshiped! Laugh, but your society is decaying as ‘idols’ other than those crafted from wood and metal are sabotaging America. People are bowing down to drugs, alcohol, pornography and witchcraft in order to ‘fill’ the innate need for God. I warn! God will not be mocked! (Commandment #2/vs.4-6)

Curse me for my bluntness, but nothing will lessen or change God’s Word or His Holy Name! Using His name profanely, applying it to useless oaths, and incorporating it in tasteless jokes, only provoke to anger the very God you ignore. “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain…” Blasphemers will not be guiltless before Him. (Commandment #3/v.7)

God commanded my people, the Israelites, to set aside a holy day; the Sabbath; a day of remembrance. Although the Gentiles were not commanded to celebrate this day, the early Christian church chose a day, Sunday, for their worship. But as America’s apathy toward Christianity grows, Sunday worship is vanishing. (Commandment #4/vs.8-11)

Due to America’s fractured family unit, rebellion roams your streets. Children are born and reared outside of marriage, without both loving and nurturing fathers and mothers, and without any knowledge of God. I grieve, for I see the hearts of America’s youth filling with bitterness and anger, leaving no room for honor or respect. Defiance and disobedience will rule! (Commandment #5/v.12)

Humanism has blighted the soul of America! You, the government, have allowed it! Due to your blatant disregard for God you have permitted man to discard one’s right to live! Unlike capital punishment and causalities of war, abortion is murder! Congressmen, you have grievously trampled on every person’s individual right to life! How can you complacently sit in these chambers, knowing you have legalized this atrocity? (Commandment #6/v.13)

Furthermore, you are partly culpable for your nation’s rampant sexual immorality. God’s directive, ‘not to commit adultery”, teaches respect for God’s institution of marriage; a special union between one man and one woman. Same-sex marriage defiles this institution! Homosexuality, along with any sexual perversion that violates or exploits another person’s body, is an abomination to God! Humanism has struck another blow against all that is holy! (Commandment #7/v.14)

God’s final three commandments instruct us to be respectful of others’ personal property, of others’ reputations, to be thankful for what we have, and not covet what we have not! Work and having pride in earning one’s living generate a feeling of self-worth. Supporting the able-bodied, non-working, by increasing handouts and entitlements will only breed laziness and idle hands, which will lead to grave mischief, duplicity and envy. (Commandments #8, #9, #10/vs.15-17)

These Ten Commandments reveal our sinfulness and our need for the Lord! Yet, I see a nation actively silencing Christian voices, while permitting false religions to freely speak. I see a country striving toward removal of all Christian symbols! I see every branch of this nation’s government turning from God with an unyielding resolve to satisfy the wishes of sinful man! Shake you heads in denial, but AMERICA NEEDS GOD!

So speak I Moses, a servant of the Lord.”

Nancy Hamilton

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