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SUBJECT: Abortion

Recently a friend, troubled by an alarming and increasing indifference to life (abortion), provided me with some numbers on combat deaths, murders and abortions. When comparing the numbers of both war deaths and murders against the staggering statistics of abortion, the results are beyond shocking! (Note: When researching such statistics from various sources, numbers may vary a bit.)

These first numbers represent those Americans who lost their lives in combat: Revolutionary War: 4,435; War of 1812: 2,260; Indian War: 1,000. Mexican War: 13,283. Civil War; 498,332; Spanish-American War:2,446. World War I: 116,516. Word War II: 405,399. Korean War: 54,246. Vietnam War: 90,220. Persian Gulf War: 1,565 and Global War on Terror; 6,852. (Figures found on www.pbs.org) Totaling all these numbers, determined from the year 1776 to last year 2018, sadly reveals that more than 1.1 million Americans lost their lives fighting for freedom.
Then there’s the number of reported murders. From 1960 through 2017, over 1 million people lost their lives through these acts. (Data: www.DisasterCenter.com) And what about those who died from natural causes? According to the National Center for Health Statistics, the death rate from natural causes is 849.3 deaths per 100,000 population. As an example, the number of natural deaths was 2,744,248 in 2016. Totaling all these numbers, death has, and will continue to claim the lives of many.
There is, however, one number dealing with death that literally exposes the raw cruelty of humanity and the ever-increasing ungodliness of mankind! This is the number of abortions performed since Roe vs. Wade, 1973, and shocking it is! 61,125,858 is the number of abortions in a 45+ year span! YES! Sixty-0ne Million, One Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand, Eight Hundred and Fifty-Eight at the date of this writing, and the number continually grows! (Data from the active US AbortionClock.org, and Guttmacher Institute.)
Unlike the soldier who fights for his life, unlike the person fighting illness or conditions of old age, or the murder victim who fights to live, an unborn child is utterly defenseless, having absolutely no chance to fight for life. A truth supported by the following terrifying facts: A baby is aborted every 26 seconds; 23,196 babies aborted every week; 100,516 babies aborted every month. These horrifying numbers expose the reality that millions of innocent babies have lost and are losing their freedom of life on the accepted “altar” of abortion. The above figures give unvarnished truth that the ‘death’ clock continues to tick for millions of unborn children.

But, clearly, vast numbers of people don’t consider abortion to be murder, thus, abortion numbers are not totaled in with murder figures. But why? As soon as a baby is conceived, he or she has life, and continues to develop. I, like many of you, have seen x-rays of a growing, maturing baby, have heard the baby’s heartbeat, have watched the baby’s features develop, even allowing determination of a baby’s gender. The unborn baby has toe nails, finger nails, even fingerprints. Truth is difficult to face, but both abortion and infanticide are murder.

Why, then, do so many decide upon abortion? Many reasons are given, but absolutely nothing can condone the killing of an unborn baby! Sadly, there are those who have said an “unborn person” or “child” doesn’t have constitutional rights. Many pro-abortionists say that even though an unborn child is alive, it is not yet a person. In Jeremiah 1:5, God says otherwise. “Before I (God) formed thee (Jeremiah) in the belly I knew thee;…” What a wonderful picture of an embryo being fully human at conception.

In reality, an unborn child has the right, the birthright, of every other living, breathing human being, to experience life, liberty and happiness. NO One has any right to terminate God’s miracle of life! NOBODY ! Instead, EVERYBODY should embrace it, giving praise to the Mighty Creator! ! God’s miracle of embryonic growth within a woman’s womb is still a mystery. (Ecclesiastes 11:5)
“I will praise thee (GOD); for I am fearfully and wonderfully (uniquely) made, marvelous are thy works:… (Psalm 139:13-16).

Nancy Hamilton

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