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Subject: Christians and Christianity

A 2015 poll conducted by Clout Research, a national opinion research firm, asked “Which do you believe pose the greatest threat to America – Muslims or Christians?”   Startling were the results!  Forty-five percent of Democrats polled believe that Christians are a greater threat to America than Muslims. Twenty percent of Republicans polled agreed as did seventy-two percent of atheists, 29% Protestants and 23% Catholics. But why?  

A born-again believer in Christ did not murder the victims in the Orlando LGBT nightclub massacre!  A Christian couple did not lay deadly siege to the gathering in San Bernardino, California.  Born-again believers did not destroy the Twin Towers.  Christians did not attack the Paris nightclub or storm the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo!   True Christians do not stone people to death, behead  or burn them alive, or force young girls to prostitute themselves for a religion!  Nor do real Christians adhere to penal codes that implement amputations and floggings.  

Christians are not attempting to extinguish any or all religions under the edict of ‘death to all’ if their beliefs are not followed!  Christians realize that every individual is a sinner in need of Jesus Christ, regardless of skin color, gender, economic status, religious affiliation including Islam, political party, ethnicity.  Therefore, true believers speak-out against sin, all sin, but they do not murder in the name of God!  It is radical Muslim terrorists with an unflinching allegiance to their god Allah and an obsessive willingness to murder for him, who walk our streets, enter the malls, and search out other public places with a lethal intent to bathe our country in tears of sorrow and American blood!  So, who is the real threat? 

Indeed, there are fanatics within all religions along with millions who vilify the name of “Christian” by claiming to be one, when, in fact, they are not!   Nevertheless, liberals enjoy citing violent acts by so-called ‘Christian’ terrorists (attacks on abortion doctors, pro-choice and abortion clinics) while overlooking or deliberately ignoring that these vicious acts are not associated with the murderous Islamic ideology of “kill the infidel”!   True bible believing Christians are not an enemy to America, radical Islam is!

The Jihadists’ methodical, hate-driven attacks are perpetrated to destroy Christianity, to terminate all who do not accept Allah and to defeat all our freedoms. While these acts are worthy of a united and vigorous war against the radical Islamic terror, many in our government and some current presidential hopefuls are touting understanding, tolerance, and open-mindedness while the populace listens to various ‘experts’ and imams who claim Islam to be a peaceful religion!  Peaceful?  Christians speak-out against homosexuality, but do not condone killing homosexuals!   Christians speak-out against false religions and false doctrines, but do not execute those who disagree!  Where is the Christian threat? 

It would appear that the threat to those polled has nothing to do with Muslims and their religion, but with the Word of God, and those who proclaim it!  Unbelievers love their self-righteousness (Romans 10:3).  Atheists and agnostics are taken in by falsehoods (Psalm 109:2). The unsaved want to keep their sin(s) without them being exposed (Ephesians 5:11-13), and Satan has blinded the world (II Corinthians 4:4) to the truth!   Capsulized, people want to live their lives according to their will, NOT God’s, and they feel threatened by Christians witnessing to the contrary.  Frankly, our government is abetting this so-called “fear”. According to a 2012 joint report by Liberty Institute and Family Research Council, the “government agencies around the U.S. are trying to push Christian expression out the door.”  It appears the government’s plan is working since nativities are increasingly banned from display, “Christmas” is replaced with “holiday”, prayer is barred from public places, crosses are being removed, etc.  If in doubt about the government’s involvement, just ask the Christian baker! 

Clearly, Christians are not the threat, but the threatened!

Nancy Hamilton

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