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Subject: Interfaith Movement

The subject of interfaith is troubling. As this movement grows, born-again believers in Jesus Christ realize that the interfaith movement puts genuine Christianity on shaky ground due to this movement’s accommodating acceptance of religious differences, thereby, creating a mindset of ‘no one is wrong’.

Although interfaith gatherings are held to increase understanding and respect for all religions, as well as to provide sensitivity toward each other’s beliefs, such dialogue leads many to believe they can be instrumental in an up-and-coming religious solidarity, when in truth, the "take-away" from such thinking is a dangerous counterfeit comfort that assures all religions lead to God. Even worse, leads to eternal life.

Expecting many religions to cohesively unite into religious solidarity, is unrealistic. If the interfaith mission were simply to promote kindness, love, compassion and understanding toward each other, it would be commendable. But attempting to bring love and compassion through religious inclusiveness by inserting Jesus Christ into an equal union with other gods and religious prophets is beyond preposterous. It is blasphemous. "Thus saith the Lord… …. I am the first, and I am the last and beside me there is no God." (Isaiah 44:6/Revelation 1:8)

As interfaith attempts to meld various religions into a state of loving inclusiveness, God and His divinely inspired Word are being minimized or totally disregarded. Jesus Christ is the anchor that holds true Christianity together… not compassion toward one another; not spiritual practices, not brotherly love or a broader knowledge or clearer understanding of different religious beliefs! True Christianity is solidly based on Jesus’ life, His teachings, and His death, burial and resurrection as recorded in God’s divine Word. (Read Matthew 27:32-56, Luke 24.) Only in Jesus can we find a love that is selfless; a love that is all-forgiving; a love filled with mercy and grace. A love that will endure throughout all eternity! Such a selfless love was revealed at Calvary; a love that forever embraces a sinner such as I. (Romans 3:23) "But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." (Romans 5:8)! A gift of such love reaches far beyond our finite reasoning, or human logic! (Romans 6:23) A gift to all who will accept!

Sadly, yet kindly stated with caring compassion, the Interfaith movement of bringing people together through religious inclusiveness, distorts true Christianity by drawing people into a vision of a religious Shangri-La where all religious thinking is blended into one ecumenical pot of ‘anything goes’!

Interfaith is a maze, with various ‘wide’ religious ‘paths’ leading nowhere…except to judgment! These paths are traveled by many who either deny in part or in whole the Gospel (death, burial and resurrection) of Jesus Christ. Genuine Christianity, praise Almighty God, has the only path that leads to Jesus, and narrow is that path - ‘narrow’ as the old rugged cross! (Matthew 7:13,14) Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth and the life: NO man cometh unto the Father, but by Me." (John 14:6) Only one path. ONLY JESUS!

Nancy Hamilton

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