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Subject: Tolerance and Censorship

In the world in which we live, there thrives an "anything goes except" mentality. Due to this obvious and ever-growing mindset, there are two words worth considering. These words are ‘tolerance’ and ‘censorship’.

Tolerance is "the ability or willingness to tolerate something: in particular, the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with." From the Latin word "tolerantia", tolerance indicates "endurance…to bear, endure, tolerate." Yes, tolerance does exist depending on the circumstances. Unfortunately, intolerance is taking over, and politics is a good illustration as demonstrated by the most recent presidential election. America has erupted into an antagonistic cauldron of odious and obnoxious words, belligerent attitudes and violent actions.

Those satisfied with the recent presidential election’s outcome, I, being one of them, should, without threat of verbal attack, be free to express their opinions. Over the past months I have done just that, without hatred, vile language or derogatory comments aimed at those who disagree. Without question, everybody has the right to express straightforwardly their individual opinions, but without loathing and scorn. Unfortunately, many believe tolerance should not flow both ways, regardless of the subject. It is their way or no way!

Put politics aside, due to its continual party changes and ever fluctuating stands on various issues, which frequently cause public opinions to change. Sadly, intolerance toward true Christian theology will not change, and here’s the reason why. True Christian theology is the ‘exception’ in the "anything goes except" mindset, and Christian theology will never change because God never changes! Simply put, God’s doctrines will never be altered by man! Therefore, increasing resentment, narrow-mindedness and bias will continue toward those who present God’s never changing theology. Along with many, many others, I freely believe in Jesus Christ and ardently believe in the inerrancy of God’s Word. For these reasons, I enjoy sharing the Gospel. Yet tolerance toward the Gospel, and those who present it, seems to evaporate when such teachings are expressed. Many views of varying religious beliefs exist, and anyone is, or should be, free to communicate their viewpoints both verbally and/or in writing. Yet, tolerance toward those who speak out against unscriptural religious theology appears to be vanishing at a rapid rate.

Therein comes censorship. Basically, "censorship blocks something from being read, heard or seen." So, one must ask, who decides to censor? Is it those who vehemently disagree with any viewpoint opposing theirs, or those who fear opposition and hostility for being tolerant, or those who safely roll with the thinking of the majority? Despite the reasons, fairness needs to be applied to any side of a subject including genuine Christian theology. Therefore, biblical teachings should not be "bleeped" or "blotted out" any more than the opinions of those who express their views on politics, global warming, social justice, immigration, etc. Although these listed subjects have diverse opinions, and at times are strongly debated, those who believe in the infallibility of God’s word have the same right under the First Amendment to present God’s inerrant principles and teachings.

Nevertheless, there exists a strong resolve to silence opinions of those who present such doctrine. Could it be that the above referenced topics, along with others, are far less threatening to man and his pride than those focusing on God and Bible? Whatever the motivation, tolerance is dying, and censorship is assisting in its demise!

Nancy Hamilton

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